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8th Grade Academy

8th Grade Academy
Your high school career starts at GJHS when you enter the 8th Grade Success Academy. This Academy is designed to provide each student the support they need during a critical transitional period. We are dedicated to helping our students grow academically, socially, and emotionally, while they simultaneously explore each and every opportunity we have to offer. The 8th Grade Academy provides our students the development they need so they have the best chance of success in their chosen career pathways. From their very first day at GJHS, we encourage students to set high goals for themselves and to strive for excellence in all they do.
Our students will take a variety of classes during the eighth grade year in a semi-isolated area of the building. The curriculum includes a college and career pathway exploration component that will allow our students to make an informed decision about the pathway they choose to follow to their ultimate goal: graduation with the credentials of college or career readiness. This school within our school has its own dedicated staff who focus on developing the whole student - building the personal skills and resiliency necessary to succeed in whichever high school program they choose.
We believe that we offer a unique variety of programs that offer our students an elite educational experience. The 8th Grade Success Academy is a critical part of that educational experience as it lays the foundation on which our students will build a resume of skills and experiences that will lead them to success - no matter what the endeavor to accomplish.