Greater Johnstown Senior High School

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Pathways » Arts and Communication

Arts and Communication

Arts and Communication Academy

The Arts and Communications Academy promotes and develops career opportunities with a concentration on performing arts, visual arts, graphic arts, and communication technologies. The program at Greater Johnstown High School offers courses of study which include challenging academic and skill oriented courses. Students have the opportunity to transition from high school directly into a college or university, technical or trade school, the military, or join the workforce.

  • World Language: The World Language Pathway provides students the opportunity to communicate in languages other than English, to gain knowledge and understanding of diverse cultures, to connect with other disciplines and acquire information, to develop insight into the nature of language and culture, and to participate in multilingual communities at home and abroad.
  • Art: Students interested in Art as a career choice have two options.
    • Traditional Art strand students will study color, design, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and crafts such as batik, weaving, pottery and strained glass.
    • Commercial Art strand students will study drawing, design, color, typography, computer graphics, cartooning and digital photography.
  • Music: The Music Pathway offers opportunities in various musical careers. Offered performance opportunities include marching band, concert band, orchestra, jazz band, girl's chorus, mixed chorus, chorale and instrumental or vocal lessons. Other courses include Music Technology and Theory or Music Appreciation.