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Dual Enrollment » Dual Enrollment Offerings at GJHS

Dual Enrollment Offerings at GJHS

A.C.E. -Dual Enrollment Courses Taught at GJHS

The following courses can be taken at Johnstown High School and are eligible for Pennsylvania Highlands Credit.  A per credit cost payable to Pennsylvania Highlands Community College is required for application for A.C.E. credit.

Students may be eligible to receive financial assistance when available.   See the Guidance Department for application and strict deadline.


JHS Course Title PH Course Number PH Course Name JHS Instructor Credits Require Pre-Req
English Language & Composition AP ENG110 English Comp I Mrs. Cabo 3 ENG 020-Intro to Comp or by placement exam
English Literature and Composition AP ENG 200 English Composition II/Study in Literature Mrs. King 3 ENG 110 English Composition I
Accounting I ACC 100 Introduction to Accounting Mr. Henigin 3  
Accounting II ACC 110 Principles of Accounting Mr. Henigin 3  
Accounting III ACC 220 Automated Accounting Mr. Henigin 3 ACC 110 Principles of Accounting, CIT 100 Micro Computer Applications
Biology and BIO Pre AP BIO 104 & BIO 114 Lab Principles of Bio I Mrs. Corte, or Mr. Fuschino 4  
Biology AP BIO 106 & BIO 116 Lab Principles of Biology II Mrs. Corte 4 BIO 110- Principles of Biology I
American Government AP and Regular GOV 100 Intro to American Government Mr. Tomak 3  
Anatomy & Physiology BIO 202 & BIO 212 Lab Basic Anatomy & Physiology Mrs. Corte 4 BIO 105 Gen BIO w LAB or BIO 110 - Principles of BIO
US History I AP HIS 100 US History I:Discovery- Reconstruct Mr. Carosi 3  
US History II AP HIS 110 US History II: Reconstruct-Present Mr. Carosi 3  
3D & 2D-Art ART 110 Intro to Painting and Sculpting Ms. Maloy 3  
College Algebra MAT 145 College Algebra Ms. Arcurio 3 MAT 131 Intermediate Alg or by placement exam
Calculus AP MAT 210 Calculus I Mr. Allison 4 MAT 170 Pre-Calculus or by COMPASS exam
Spanish I & Spanish II
SPA 101
Spanish I
Ms. Lentz
Must complete both I and II for the 3 credit course
Ms. Lentz SPA 101 or by placement
Spanish III & IV SPA 102 Spanish II Ms. Lentz 3 Must take both to get the credit
Basic Computer Applications II CIT 107 MS Word Mr. Henigin 3 CIT 100 Micro Computer Applications
Introduction to Music MUSIC 100 Introduction to Music Mr. Bukosky 3  
Psychology AP and regular courses PSY 100 General Psychology Mr. Staib 3  
Sociology SOC 100 Intro to Sociology Mr. Staib 3  
Effective Communication skills and Computer Applications CIT 100 Micro Computer Apps Mr. Henigin 3  
PC Maintenance Level II CIT 173 Operating Systems and Administration Mr. Curcio 3  
PC Maintenance Level I CIT 165 Hardware Components Mr. Curcio 3  
Welding I WEL 101 Welding I Mr. Johns 3  
Welding II WEL 102 Welding II Mr. Johns 3 WEL 101 Welding I
Welding III WEL 110 Welding Metallurgy Mr. Johns 3  
Culinary I CUL 110 Hospitality and Management Mr. Geisweidt 3  
Culinary II CUL 150 Foods I Mr. Geisweidt 3  
World History AP CIV 100 Western Civilizations into the Renaissance Mr. Tomak 3  
Intro to Business BUS 110 Intro to Business Mr. Henigin 3  
Management Principles BUS 125 Management Principles Mr. Henigin 3  
Public Speaking COM 101 Public Speaking Mrs. King 3  
Algebra II MAT 131 Intermediate Algebra Mr. Allison 3  
Chemistry AP     Mrs. Reitz 3