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Testing & Qualifying for ACE

Pennsylvania Highlands Community College has implemented a requirement for students wanting to take an English, Mathematics and some Science course(s) for college credit.   A qualifying score on the Compass test is required for students planning to enroll in any English or Mathematics ACE course through Penn Highlands Community College.  

Students must achieve a satisfactory score in the discipline to be able to register for a college-level course in Mathematics or English. Students scoring below satisfactory must enroll in college-preparatory courses in Mathematics, English or Reading.

Students are encouraged to prepare for placement testing by reviewing sample Compass questions at

Students may be exempt from taking one or more Compass test if they submit current SAT Test Scores. SAT Test Scores must be within the last five years and will be evaluated by the following guidelines:

  • Enrollees who score 500 or more on SAT critical reading will be exempt from the Compass reading test.
  • Enrollees who score 500 or more on SAT writing will be exempt from the Compass writing test and may enroll in ENG 110.
  • Enrollees who score from 500 to 599 on the SAT math test may enroll in the following courses, depending on their curriculum: MAT 110, MAT 115, MAT 117, MAT 131, MAT 143, MAT 145, MAT 170, or MAT 200.
  • Enrollees scoring 600 and above on the SAT math test may enroll in MAT 205 or MAT 210