Cooperative education is a method of instruction that enables students to combine academic classroom instruction (school-based learning component) with occupational instruction through learning on the job (work-based learning component) in a career area of choice. Emphasis is placed on the students’ education and employability skills.
At Greater Johnstown High School we offer two different types of cooperative education experiences, Capstone and Diversified Occupations.  
Point of Contact:  Jason Corte @ [email protected] or 814-533-5601 ext 5962

Importance to Education (Schools)

  • Extends the classroom into the community
  • Becomes more responsive to the employment needs of the community
  • Helps the school keep abreast of the technological trends in business and industry
  • Develops a positive relationship between industry and education


Importance to Business (Employers)

  • Renders an important public service
  • Trains potential full-time employees in their own work environment
  • Receives a more direct return from school tax dollars
  • Assures that in-school instruction relates to actual work environment


Importance to the Community

  • Improves school-community relations
  • Provides the community with a mature and experienced employee
  • Develops the community’s economy
  • Encourages community involvement


Importance to Students

  • Expands career choices while helping students to reach occupational objectives
  • Students earn while they learn
  • Students understand employment opportunities and responsibilities
  • Students develop realistic work skills